POWERS WITH ANIMALS started in 2007 with Judy Powers teaching Obedience Classes, and Workshops that focus on a specific behavioral issue. 


In 1999, Judy founded the Humane Society of Moab Valley (HSMV). The focus was the "Dog Days of Summer" affordable spay and neuter program. Very quickly she was joined by MANY wonderful volunteers! AND within a few years Moab became "no-kill", and still is!


Besides being one of the things she is the most proud of, starting the Humane Society changed her life is so many ways. Judy had had cats all her life. Then she adopted Gizmo, The Wonder Dog- the first animal rescued by the HSMV. Judy knew nothing about raising, training or teaching dogs. Thus began her journey of taking classes and seminars. Her official training has been with Linda Tellington's T-Touch, which focuses on learning how to teach your animal how to learn. Judy is a Cetified Ttouch Practitioner 1. She continues to assist at week long workshops and learn the newest techniques to work with companion animals and their humans. 


Often people with big hearts get a dog, however they just don't know how to teach them in a way the dog can understand. After all, we didn't come into this world knowing how to do that. Classes or private sessions can help you learn how to teach your animal, and get a better understanding of how they see the world. The goal of Powers with Animals has always been to help improve the relationship between humans and their companion animals. Years ago Judy committed to creating a positive and enjoyable relationship with her dogs, and now teaches others how to have that with their animals. She continues to study, attend seminars and assist at workshops whenever possible.


In 2015 POWERS WITH ANIMALS expanded to include dog hiking adventures ,   pet sitting and dog walking.. 


For 4 years Judy assisted the disabled and elderly with Moab In-Home Care. This experience taught her to find reliable and responsible pet sitters. POWERS WITH ANIMALS has six experienced pet caregivers on board, several who have been working with Powers with Animals since 2015. This ensures that when people are away from home, their pets will have 7 day a week home care AND that there are people in the wings: just in case.


Having fostered dogs since 1999, and having been a doggie aunt for years before then, Judy has had at least 3-4 dogs, and up to 8 or 9 dogs, on her hikes. Judy took friends' dogs on her hikes, because the owner has been too busy, disabled, elderly, didn't hike or whatever. Sometimes people just can't give their dogs enough exercise &/or the dog would like to spend some time with other dogs. There is a need for Powers with Animals in Moab, because Judy has been doing it for years.


The POWERS WITH ANIMALS staff is looking forward to offering you the services that will help you have a more relaxed and worry-free relationship with your companion animals.

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Tootsie & Mickey Metro snoozing together
Sweet Cheeks relaxing.
Rocket after a fun digging hike
Tootsie Roll anxious to go on a hike
Tipper Tom ralaxing in the sink
2019- Judy & Rocket in matching outfits. New Years Day
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