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Day Visits and Overnight Stays


With POWERS WITH ANIMALS  you are hiring a team of experienced pet sitters. Most have been with Powers with Animals at least two years, several from the beginning. This ensures that your animals will get high quality, loving care. AND that there is back-up person in case of emergencies. Remember, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

After you have filled out the applicable form and waiver, an experienced pet sitter will come to your house, ask clarifying question, and take copious notes. This ensures that all the pertinent information about your loved one (and special needs and quirks) are understood and recorded.

On the appointed days, we make sure your babies are: fed, given fresh water & most medications, taken on short leash walks (if time allows) and have treats (if permitted), playtime and lots of loving. If you are gone for an extended period of time we will pick up mail, put out trash and recycling & water plants.

Since POWERS WITH ANIMALS  has a number of professional animal lovers, we can accommodate you and your babies whenever you leave town.  Just call us and then be worry-free! Of course, the more lead time you give us, the better.

AND we will be sure to keep you updated while you are away!


Slick hanging with GIzmo, the Wonder Dog

Basic Pricing*

$22 each ~30 minute visit. Includes feeding, walking, most medications if required. Some housesitting chores., including watering plants, cleaning litter boxes, 

$  5 extra south of Spanish Trail Rd in the valley

$12 for each additional 1/2 hour in the same visit  (for a longer walk, etc.)


Overnight Stays                          *$66 + 

Day Pet Sitting and Eldercare    *$36 first hour

+ $12 per hour          (local discount available)

One Time Pet Sitting- 2 hours +  *$36 first hour + $12 per hour


Meet and Greet-one time chg    $15


*subject to negotiations depending on complexities, quantities of animals, how far away your home is &/or additional services

Holiday Fee added for major holidays- $10 each overnight, $5 per visit   ______________________________________________________________

Consider giving your dog the treat of the 

Big Red Party Truck Adventure ***

***requires an evaluation, space availability, etc.

More info @Dog Hiking Adventures


Queen Fudgie on her throne

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Powers With Animals

Phone: 435-210-1234  

Moab, UT  84532

Powers With Animals

Phone: 435-210-1234  

Moab, UT  84532

Tootsie & Mickey Metro snoozing together
Sweet Cheeks relaxing.
Rocket after a fun digging hike
Tootsie Roll anxious to go on a hike
Tipper Tom ralaxing in the sink
2019- Judy & Rocket in matching outfits. New Years Day
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