"Big Red Party Truck" Dog Hiking Adventures*


POWERS WITH ANIMALS offers daily off-leash hikes so your dogs get enough exercise, and you are able to enjoy each other at the end of the day. Perhaps you would like your dog to have the chance to socialize with other dogs while getting the physical and mental stimulation of a fun adventure! You will have a healthier, happier dog when you come home for a quiet, relaxed evening.


The "Big Red Party Truck" picks up dogs at your home or workplace or.... Small dogs and new dogs are in the cab, and the "big dogs" are in the back. On to the dog-friendly Adventure of the day: at least an hour to 1 1/2 hours of fun and frolic, along with lots of smelling and running and digging. Then we round them up, and bring them back home calmer and more self confident.


Before your dog becomes a part of the "Big Red Party Truck Club", you will fill out the information form and waiver, and then they will have a personal evaluation with POWERS WITH ANIMALS to ensure that this is the right club for them.


*All dogs must be physically able to hike for at least one hour to 1 1/2 hours, be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and be over 5 months old. They will need to "come" reliably when off-leash, and enjoy meeting and hanging with groups of dogs. 

$35- occasional Big Red Party Truck Adventure


Weekly Prices when regularly scheduled

$30- once a week

$25 - 2-3 times a week*

$20 - 4-5 times a week*               

$10 for second dog at the same address                 


$15- Meet & Greet (one time charge)


 individualized/customized dog hikes available. Call for pricing.

  *Each time

**Senior Discount Available

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