Dog Training Sessions

Private Sessions with you and your dog                $ 40 per hour*    

(If paid for on the first session)                              $ 99 for three sessions* 

                                                                    *additional charges for long drives


Dog Obedience Classes                                       $ 99 for 6 sessions

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking/ Dog and Cat Feeding:

Day Visits & Overnight Stays

Basic Pricing*

For whatever your animals may need in that time: feeding, walking, medications...


$20 for each 30 minute visit  (up to Spanish Trail Rd)

$  5 extra south of the Shell Station in the valley

$15 for an addtional 1/2 hour in the same visit

**$5 Holiday Fee added per visit for major holidays


$60 and up for Overnight Stays

$30-first hour of Day Pet Sitting and Elsercare. $12 each additional hour. (2 hour minimum)

*subject to negotiations depending on complexities, quantities of animals, distance traveled, how often our services are utilized &/or additional services                     *$10 Holiday Fee added per stay for major holidays                                                                                                                                                                                      $15 Meet & Greet- (one time charge)



Consider treating your dog to the Big Red Party Truck Adventure that day***

***requires an evaluation, space availability, etc. More info @Hiking/Walking adventures

Big Red Party Truck Dog Hiking Adventures

Weekly Prices when regularly scheduled

$30 - once a week                                    $10- second dog at same address

$25 - 2-3 times a week*                           

$20 - 4-5 times a week *      


$15- Meet & Greet (one time charge)   

$35- occasional Big Red Party Truck Dog Hiking Adventures           


*Each Time

**Senior Discounts Available. Please ask about them.

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