Chet the Jet enjoying a beautiful day hiking
Chet the Jet enjoying a beautiful day hiking

Private Dog Training Sessions


Learn how to work with your dog AND to better understand how your dog thinks and experiences this world. It will make both of your lives MUCH more enjoyable. During sessions with Judy Powers, we concentrate on the behaviorial concerns you have: pulling on a leash, dog-to-dog or dog-to-people reactivity, jumping up, etc. etc.

The pricing is now set up to encourage you to take a series of at least three sessions. You can't learn how to play the piano in an hour...

$  50 for 1 session * 

$120 for 3 sessions* (paid for by the first session)

$200 for 6 sessions* (paid for by the first session)

*additional charges for drives out of the valley


There are also techniques for pain management, increasing self confidence, reducing nervous energy, and in general eliminating unwanted behaviors.

Obedience Classes-

The next class starts Spring of 2019.  

$99 for 6 one-hour sessions.



Dog Training classes are offered spring and fall. Check the website or call Powers with Animals     for a spot in the class.

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Happy Holidays. Love the collar and the card tasted good! Rex
2019- Judy & Rocket in matching outfits. New Years Day
Dogs saying "Hello"
Sweet Cheeks relaxing.
Tootsie Roll anxious to go on a hike
Tipper Tom ralaxing in the sink
Rocket after a fun digging hike
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